Mytee Speedster Extractor with Hoses and Wand for Sale, Portable Extractor for the Serious Professional Carpet Cleaner in Good Condition. Work great.  Scratches from normal wear.


•  Portable to use in hard to reach locations like upper floor apartments and commercial where you can get your truck close enough
•  Less hose length means top notch water extraction
•  Start or expand your business with minimal capital outlay
•  Not dependant on your truck running
•  Multiple afforable machines for running mucltiple crews


water damage


•  2-Stage, High Performance Vacuum Motors
•  100 PSI pump
•  Rotationally molded polyethylene12 gallon solution and recovery tanks
•  12” wheels and 5” casters
•  Waist high switches
•  Molded handles and circuit locator electronics
•  Vacuum motors are in Air Parallel for increased CFM.
•  12 gallon tanks
•  25′ vac and solution hose
•  Dual jet S-bend stainless steel wand included
•  110″ water lift, 194 CFM
•  120 volt
•  heater package is available from manufacturer
•  Retail Price: $1,845.00


We have 1 of these for sale @  $945.00

If interested contact

or call (480) 948-1998