A mold inspection in Los Angeles may be required if you suspect that you have an issue with mold growth in areas of your home like the bathroom or kitchen.It is possible to deal with small areas of mold by yourself, however, you need to get outside help for larger areas as they can spread and lead to risks to your health.


You will need to determine the exact type of mold that is living in your house and how dangerous it is, that requires the services of a certified mold inspector.Just don’t try to save money on a cheap inspector that is not qualified to do the job.


Here is what you get with a Los Angeles mold inspection.


The first thing is that the inspector will do is check the property to see if he can find where there are any persistent sources of moisture.Once he measures the moisture levels in the air he will be able to advise you on how to repair or correct those issues.In any case the inspector will need to go through an exact regimen to test the air for mold spores and send those samples to a lab to find out if they are a hazard to your health.When the air is tested, they will take samples from the outside and inside of your house.The outside of the house is tested for mold because mold is found everywhere. You need to determine if the mold outside is less concentrated than inside and if it is the same strain.


When there is mold you can see the inspector will take samples there as well. That will help to tell if that is the same type that is in the air.


The results of the testing can take a few days to come back from the lab. You can contact your Los Angeles mold inspector to have him explain the results of the testing and give you recommendations for fixing the problem or to find out the status of your report when it is ready. When you are planning your mold inspection you should keep the house closed up so the outside air will not effect the results you are seeing on the inside.