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Vortec has created a vest that uses compressed air to provide individual air conditioning.  The technology … uses the principal of a tornado also known as a vortex.  Vortec designed a Vortex generator that takes compressed air spins it at one million revolutions per minute.  The spinning air heats up smoe is allowed to exit a control valve the remining air creates a slower vortex inside the first and moves in the oposite direction giving up its heat to the primary vortx with coller air exiting the opposite ewnt of the Vortex Generator Chamber.

The exiting air can be as much as 60 degrees Fahrenheit cooler then the ambient air temperature. This air is then ported into a PVC vest that has holes on the inside that release to cooler air close to your body.

Although you would be tethered to an air compressor for hot jobs that don’t require a lot of movement such as Mold Abatement, Particle Blasting, Welding Operations or Powder Coating this vest supplies endless cool air and at 60 degrees cooler that 120 degrees feel a bit cool at 60.

The vests come in multiple sizes including extra large for workers that are up to six foot four and 250 pounds, and XXL  that fits up to 52″ in girth.  They are available with a lapel that blows coo air against the next and up onto the face.

Personal Air Conditioners by Vortec provide cooling to keep workers comfortable and productive. Cold air at 60 deg below ambient is generated using a small amount of compressed air. The cold air circulates through a Diffuse Air vest.

The vest can be worn under other PPE, as needed, and the temperature can be adjusted by the wearer, even with gloved hands.

PACs are ideal for confined spaces, boiler operations, welding, blasting, painting, hazardous waste removal and many other industrial operations.

Oh ya since I live in Arizona where is was 111 °F on Monday I don’t think much that this same vest and vortex generator can be used to make you 60°F warmer in cold environments, just tap into the opposite end of the generator which is attached to a belt and is approximately 6 7/8inches long and approximately 1 inch round.

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