The Right Things To Do and Not Do When You Find a FloodWhen a building floods water can seep through the smallest of cracks and it can get soaked up by insulation in the walls and does. The water gets under your cabinets inside your walls, under that wood, tile or carpet.

In a top down flood like a roof leak or the up stairs sink over flows the gap between the upstairs floor and the down stairs ceiling is full of water if there is insulation in that space that’s even worse because it will hold the water for a long time.  To stop mold growth the insulation must be removed.

When room with a wood floor gets wet it can be a disaster.  A real wood floor will 1st swell and become convex.  As it dries the board cup and separate.  Refinishing should only take place when you are sure there is no trapped water under the floor and the boards have dried out to 6-8% relative humidity.  Think in terms of months her not days or weeks.water damage

When a room with carpet and pad gets flooded the industry makes all sorts of tools to try and extract the water.  These tools look like anything from a big shop vacuum  to a ride on version.  When thinks about the time it will take to go over a carpet and pad slowly to extract the water vs just remove the pad, water and all, and replace it later.  Its cost effective to just remove the carpet pad

Water Damage Water Extractor

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Dri-Eaz Rover

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But water damage doesn’t stop at structural materials.  Think about your electrical systems.  Even if they do dry out they were never made to get wet and the corrosion could lead to poor connections that could leave to sparking, that could lead to a visit from the big red truck.

There are also other consideration such as flooded air returns or Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning distribution duct work.  No matter how you look at it water damage is much more to consider then a cosmetic repair.  As the structure of your build gets wet it expands then contracts as is dry.  Its would be nice if this all happened at the same rate, but no such luck.  This expansion and contraction could cause door and window to stick so you will want to leave them open if you can.  But don’t put yourself in harms way to do so.

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